“Chicago Repertory Ballet transforms the Ruth Page Center with ‘Macbeth'” -Lauren Warnecke, – March 6th 2016

“Women Rule in Chicago Repertory Ballet’s ‘Macbeth'” – Laura Mahlzon, Chicago Tribune – March 5th 2016

“Programa del Chicago Repertory Ballet” – Orlando Taquechel, El Nuevo Hearld -July 28th 2015 CLICK HERE FOR ENGLISH TRANSLATION

“Chicago Repertory Ballet: Everyone Has A Story To Tell” -Diana Dunbar, The Wonderful World of Dance – August 16th 2015

“Chicago Repertory Ballet Leaves Few Stones and Tones Unturned” -Elizabeth Hanly, Artburst Miami – July 22, 2015

“A Bright Debut for Chicago Repertory Ballet” -Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune September 22nd, 2012

Wade Schaaf moves backstage with new troupe” Sid Smith, Special to the Tribune September 18, 2012

Exclusive Interview – The QU, July 18th, 2012

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